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A will is meant to lay out the wishes of a deceased family member or loved one clearly. Unfortunately, however, wills often contain ambiguous and contradictory language or are not properly executed. When this occurs, stakeholders can contest a will through probate litigation.

At Levine Haddad & Gregory, LLC, our Springfield will contest lawyers have more than 20 years of experience helping people contest or defend the validity of a will and its interpretation. We work hard so that a person’s true wishes are carried out upon his or her death, and our clients’ needs and goals are addressed.

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If you need help contesting or defending the validity of a will, our team of talented lawyers is prepared to help. If you or someone else feels a loved one’s will is unclear, we will go into court to have a judge put his or her approval on what we believe the deceased intended. The legal term for this is probable intention, meaning we will argue (and a judge will approve) what someone probably intended his or her will to mean. This process helps our clients avoid future contention down the road – something we always strive for at Levine Haddad & Gregory, LLC.

Reasons a will might be contested include the following.

  • The deceased lacked the competence to understand what he or she was signing.
  • There was forgery, fraud or undue influence by a third party.
  • The will wasn’t executed under state laws, including lacking witnesses or proper signatures.
  • The language of the will was contradictory, ambiguous or unclear.

Additionally, a relatively new topic in New Jersey estate law is the idea of a person’s writing which, is intended to be a will. Wills written in an emergency or during a person’s final days can have the same force as one properly executed according to New Jersey law. If found to be valid, these wills must still go through the probate and estate administration process and are easily susceptible to challenges.

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