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Guardianships serve to protect people who are incapable of making important decisions alone or who cannot care for themselves. Once you become a guardian, you can be responsible for another person’s finances, medical decisions and many other aspects of his or her life. It is an important responsibility, and at Levine Haddad & Gregory, LLC, we realize you or a loved one might have questions about guardianships or need help establishing one.

Our Springfield guardianship lawyers have more than 20 years’ experience helping New Jersey residents establish legal guardianships. We have helped many children, parents and others obtain court approval to be legally responsible for someone else.

Common Guardianship Relationships

Our experienced attorneys realize no two guardianship relationships are the same. With each case, we carefully listen to our clients’ needs, explain their options and lead them through the guardianship application process. We commonly see guardianship requests in three key areas:

  • Guardianships for minor children: Parents can specify whom they would like to be responsible for their children should they pass away. Unfortunately, however, this is not always done, and parents often die without a will or another document specifying who will be their children’s guardian. If someone you love passes away without naming a guardian for his or her child, then we can help you establish the necessary legal relationship you need.
  • Guardianships for the disabled: Someone might need to make important medical decisions for a mentally challenged family member. We can help you gather medical information and argue that a legal guardianship is necessary to protect the health and livelihood of your loved one.
  • Guardianships for the elderly: Watching your parents age until they can no longer care for themselves can be difficult. It can be even more difficult if you cannot help your parent by making financial and medical decisions on his or her behalf. At Levine Haddad & Gregory, LLC, we have helped many children become guardians for their parents so they can care for them in their final years.

Our firm also handles guardianship contests. Two or more people (siblings or grandparents, for example) might each believe they should be the one responsible for a family member, while others might not think they need a guardian to care for them. Our experience, skill and dedication to providing quality legal services can help you show a court a guardianship either is or isn’t in someone’s best interests.

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