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Secure Your Medicaid Benefits With Our Guidance

Medicaid and Medicare are designed to ensure the elderly are provided the care and medical attention they need toward the end of life, even after their savings have run out. These programs are notoriously complex and challenging to navigate. Planning for the best way of utilizing these programs can be just as complicated.

Helping Prepare For Medicaid And Long-Term Care

At Levine Haddad & Gregory, LLC, our knowledgeable attorneys provide detailed direction and guidance through the process of planning for Medicaid. We will educate you on what you need to know and the risk you may need to consider. Every person’s financial situation and family dynamics are different, and it is critical that you have a plan tailored to your needs and goals for the future.

Our team will take the time to sit down with you and your family, listening to your goals, assessing your estate and providing a clear blueprint to plan for long-term care and to qualify for Medicaid. For more information and to arrange a consultation regarding Medicaid eligibility, call our Springfield, New Jersey, law firm at 973-834-3820.

We advise clients on a wide range of elder law issues associated with Medicaid planning, including:

  • Transferring assets and structuring your estate to qualify for Medicaid
  • Qualifying for waiver programs
  • Creating a plan to spend down assets in a timely manner to be eligible for Medicaid
  • Complying with all rules and guidelines
  • Considering reverse mortgages
  • Establishing annuities, trusts and other estate planning vehicles
  • Arranging caregiver contracts
  • Handling VA benefits
  • Understanding how Medicaid can affect inheritance

Learn More In A Consultation

These are complicated matters, and our lawyers have the understanding and skill needed to navigate the issues and provide you with a plan. You can contact us now by calling 973-834-3820 or by sending us a message. We return all voicemails and messages as soon as possible.