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Helping Families Account For Assets

An essential step in estate administration is the marshalling of assets. Marshalling is a legal term that refers to the process of collecting or securing the assets of the estate of a person who has died. This act is one of the major duties of the executor of an estate and must be completed so the assets can be distributed according to the terms of the will or trust.

At Levine Haddad & Gregory, LLC, in Springfield, New Jersey, we help executors marshal assets, which can be an overwhelming task that comes at a time when emotion and stress are already running high. Our estate administration attorneys can also help clients develop comprehensive, organized estate plans. This work makes it so that when the time comes for a loved one to identify the estate’s assets, the process is easier to complete.

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What To Do When A Loved One Dies

Many people do not realize how involved the process of settling an estate is until they are face-to-face with the situation. We can relieve some of the burdens by guiding you through the estate administration process with confidence.

Our firm assists clients with tasks related to marshalling estate assets, including:

  • Identifying all the assets in the estate including employee benefits programs, veteran’s benefits and other government entitlements
  • Gathering all the required documents including title certificates and life insurance policies
  • Valuing the assets for tax purposes and for determining their sale value, if appropriate
  • Identifying any judgments, bankruptcies or liens against the estate
  • Determining tax obligations and tax return requirements
  • Developing a plan for transferring deeds and ownership of property including jewelry, art, coin and gun collections, cars and boats

When you lose a loved one, shock and grief can make it difficult to think clearly. Let us help you with the details. We can help you manage the paperwork and can look out for you, so that small but important actions such as paying the estate’s utility bills and maintaining property insurance during the process are not forgotten.

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