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Skilled Counsel For Estate Tax Filings

The state of New Jersey is one of the few states which may require two death tax filings. In addition to preparing federal estate tax returns (Form 706), you may be required to prepare a state inheritance tax report as well as a state estate tax report. This report is just one of many tax-related considerations for those who are executors of an estate.

The estate administration lawyers at Levine Haddad & Gregory, LLC, in Springfield, New Jersey, help clients follow all tax filing requirements related to settling an estate in a way that protects the assets of the estate and minimizes the tax consequences. We also help heirs with post-mortem tax planning and coordinating income taxes for the estate and the heirs.

Call us at 973-834-3820 to speak with an experienced estate administration attorney who can help you navigate the complex path of federal and state tax filing options and requirements.

Understanding Complex Tax Considerations

Tax law is seldom straightforward, and even honest mistakes can lead to significant penalties. You can count on the qualified attorneys at our Essex County firm to give you guidance regarding which forms you need to file, what tax payments you must make and when these forms and payments are due. As valuation rules are complex, the necessity for filing very often requires the advice of experienced counsel.

In addition to ensuring the basic requirements are met, such as filing final state and federal income tax returns for the decedent, we can help you take the appropriate actions in more complex matters. For example, we help clients with property in multiple states, whereby taxes can be imposed by more than one jurisdiction.

Do Not Wait To Get Help

We encourage you to discuss these potential tax obligations with a trusted estate administration lawyer. We can help you wade through the details to determine which actions are required, and what steps can be taken to minimize complexities. Let us help you execute each step. This is not something you should have to do on your own. Call 973-834-3820 for help, or contact us online.