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Planning For Property Distribution

One of the key questions a will or trust addresses is, “Who will get my property if I die?” Property distribution can be an emotional, and sometimes contentious, subject. Making clear provisions for how your assets will be distributed at the time of your death is one of the most thoughtful and loving gestures you can make for your heirs. Getting your affairs in order gives you peace of mind in the present and makes things much easier for your family and loved ones in the future.

Providing A Thoughtful Gesture

The estate planning lawyers at Levine Haddad & Gregory, LLC, in Springfield, New Jersey, can identify and help you determine the value of your assets and then provide for their distribution through a last will and testament and a variety of trusts. Speak with one of our knowledgeable lawyers today to understand how proper estate planning benefits you and your heirs. Call us now at 973-834-3820.

Looking Out For Your Tomorrow

In matters of estate planning, the details are very important. When legal documents such as wills and trusts are not entirely comprehensive or clear, the likelihood of disputes and litigation increases later. These things are often very expensive and can result in outcomes you did not want.

We will ask a lot of questions when we speak with you to make sure we discern each nuance of your situation and clearly understand what you intend and desire. Your personal family circumstances will impact how we structure your plan to ensure your assets will go to the rightful heirs in the way you intended. For instance, if you have a special needs child or a child who is a spendthrift or has a chemical addiction, we can help you provide for them while still putting appropriate protections and restrictions in place.

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