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Taxation is a complicated area. Tax authorities who monitor compliance laws often adhere to strict guidelines. For this reason, you will wish to have on your side a law firm that understands how to handle the most challenging tax issues. Levine Haddad & Gregory, LLC, is known for high-grade quality tax services and advocacy. We remain current concerning tax legislation, and we assist our clients to use the laws as they exist for their benefit. From our office in Springfield, our firm works with clients throughout Central and northern New Jersey. Contact us to find out if you are properly taking advantage of every opportunity available to you to minimize taxes. Speak with one of our tax lawyers today by calling 973-834-3820.

Some Tax Matters Require A Seasoned Tax Lawyer

Many individuals engage CPAs for sound tax advice and preparation. That is fine. Some tax matters, however, require the expertise of a tax attorney with a depth of knowledge only years of legal experience can provide.

Our firm offers clients tax advice and strategies related to:

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