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The many ways in which an estate planning attorney helps

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Estate Planning

You have delayed long enough and want to put the hesitation behind you. It is time to create an estate plan. You want to be the one who decides what happens to your assets and who will get them. However, you also understand that you know little about the estate planning process.

You need an advocate. You need a guide who will explain the best estate planning options for you. The ideal candidate: an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning attorney. By working with an attorney, you have made a solid choice. But how can an estate planning attorney help you?

Creating the will, guiding executor

Here are a few of the crucial ways in which an attorney can help you when it comes to estate planning:

  • The drafting, creating, reviewing and finalizing of your will or trust, including a special needs trust. This marks the beginning. You will have many questions, and a knowledgeable attorney can answer them.
  • Updating your will. It is a good idea to annually review your will. Consider updating your will every three to five years or when a major change surfaces in your life.
  • Guiding the executor during the estate administration process, making sure probate goes as smoothly as possible, selling assets, paying creditors, distributing assets to beneficiaries and ensuring that your wishes are followed.
  • Ensuring guardianship matters involving minor children and vulnerable adults are followed in a will.
  • Litigating any matter related to your estate. This may include disputes among heirs and even the theft of assets by the executor.
  • Contesting of the will in situations such as forgery, undue influence, fraud and improper execution.

An experienced estate planning attorney is an advocate who looks out for you and your estate. Working with the right attorney who knows every insight on estate planning and can answer any question you may have will bring you confidence and peace of mind.